Who are we?

When I first started this blog, it was only me, and if you would like, please read my original post.

We are a young family looking to live better, closer, healthier, and most importantly... happier.

Society has indoctrinated people that in order to be happy, we need stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Then we need to have a big house and a 30+ year mortgage in order to show people we are successful, and as a place for all that stuff.

There are those that fight against that silly thought process, and there are those that fight for it. We fight against it. Is it easy? Nope. Being raised your entire life to grow up, get a job, buy a house, get married, have kids, buy a bigger house and on and on and on is a very difficult mindset to get rid of.

Who are we?


I'm Arathi, father, husband, tinkerer, and general pain in the behind to my wife. I started this blog several years ago when I first decided to simplify my life for a year and moved into the coolest little campervan. I've never stopped longing for that simplicity, and want my family to experience it as well.

I never imagined that my wife would be the one to bring it up as an option.


Mylaela is well traveled in her life, and isn't ready to be stuck in one place just yet!  Joining Arathi on his crazy adventures and living to tell about it!


The beautiful little daughter of Arathi and Mylaela, sure to steal your heart.

Goober is our newest addition to our family, the happy-go-lucky little boy who likes to steal the ladies hearts!

This is Loki, our cat. Born on a farm, and raised with lots of love.

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