Monday, May 9, 2016

Hiking at Piper's Lagoon, Nanaimo, BC

Today we went for a hike at Piper's Lagoon. It's short and easy enough for Princess to be able to complete, and those are the types of hikes we are looking for. It's quite a lovely area, and some beautiful scenery overlooking Georgia Strait.

It was really windy today, but once we got into the trees, the wind all but vanished. The rock faces are not too steep, and Princess wanted to show me how to climb them, as she had been here before with Mylaela and her Gigi (grandmother).

The trails are well laid out, and while you do still need to watch the ground for exposed roots and rocks, it's not difficult at all to do. Once we got to the north end of the park, we could see Shack Island. It's a bunch of rustic shacks that were rented out in the 1930's, and as far as I know, are still used for summer, but I could be wrong. They all still look to be in great shape, and when the tide is in, you cannot walk to them.

The trails go around the entire park, and come back out near the entrance. You are provided with some amazing views, and there are some pretty steep cliffs, so there's really nothing obstructing your view.

There is even a little fairy door! It actually opens, and into a hollow in the tree.

Once we finish the hike, we walked along the beach, and found a huge amount of dead crabs that the seagulls got a hold of before they could hide, and massive amounts of jellyfish (the non-poison kind), as well as a lot of starfish, and even a few anemone.

All in all, it was a great day out, and I cannot wait until we can finally get on the road and start seeing even more of the beauty this Island has to offer! 

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