Monday, April 25, 2011


I hate Yahoo! Groups. I hate that I can never find information, and I get bombarded by emails from very single person who coughs in one of those groups.

Forums have the ability of organizing all the information you need, and still allowing you to socialize. Without irritating other members. I don't know why those groups are still being used...

There is a forum out there, and I think that more of us should be getting on it, and away from that awful Yahoo garbage.

Check it out!


I found another forum which is very active, so I want to post it here. The forum could use some work in how it's laid out, but lots of good information, and more active than the other. :)

When will the winter end?

Well, winter has lasted longer than I was hoping, and who knows how much longer it'll be...

I've moved into a new job that looks like it just might become permanent from the project work I have been doing on it. This will afford me more money to really get the van to where I want it for this coming winter (It's never too early to start thinking about the winter).

First things first, I'll be getting that new insulation into the walls, and will post on it for you! Going to take a bit of time, as I have to pay some other bills as well.

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