Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Small update

It's been several weeks since my last post, and for that I do apologize!

We have moved into an S&B for now, and eventually, I seriously hope we get back out of here.

We welcomed our newest edition to our family on July 7th! We shall call him The Prince.

The Prince doesn't wake up like normAl babies where he works himself up to a freak out. He goes from zero to 150 in 0.000003 seconds. I nearly fell out of bed the first night he was home and in our room. Mylaela and The Prince have slept in the living room for a couple weeks because that is where our portable air conditioner is.

With the drought, and a minimum of 30C everyday, it's difficult to move very close from the A/C!

Our friend Robert, from the RV park on the mainland, has moved out to the park here on the Island, and I have been to visit a couple times.

After not only describing it to Mylaela, but showing her video, I am more adamant than ever to get out of this S&B.

This is the website of the park I am talking about, and here is the video:

So, this weekend, I'm bringing my RV out of storage, and over to the Island so I can complete it's renovations. Then I can finally list it and hopefully make enough to buy our fifth wheel.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Welcoming a new member to the family!

Our son has arrived!

The little prince was born July 7th, and is very healthy! He's certainly got a set of lungs on him too!

We were worried how Princess was going to react to a new baby, being that she's two.

Here's the results:

She's a protective, doting, loving big sister!

Monday, June 29, 2015

It is HOT.

With near record breaking temps this past week and a bit, it's been a heck of a thing trying to not burn up. I even have a few proof pics of the 36C/97F temps. Thankfully, we live near the ocean now! That water is cold for a moment, but its better than sweltering in this heat.

I got back to the RV late last night, around midnight, as I have some work to do in a clients office, and it was a muggy 25C/77F with still air. That makes it feel even hotter than it is.

Before I left, I put my daughter to bed, and told her I was going to be going to the mainland for a day, maybe two. She grabbed hold of me and said, "No. Stay." Talk about breaking my heart. She's only two, and doesn't understand why daddy has to go away for a couple days at a time. All she knows is that daddy is gone.

After I'm done my work tomorrow, I'll be heading back to the Island. Then coming back in a few days to put the RV in storage for a bit. My wife is going to be giving birth to our son any day now, and then I'll be spending more time at home for a little while.

I'm starting to wonder about this whole GoFundMe thing in order to launch my webhosting and start being the family man I want to be. What am I doing wrong in not being able to attract someone to help out a bit? I need to launch my site, and I can't until I complete the final phase. I've plastered it over Facebook, I don't exactly use Twitter, so that's pointless. I'm not sure how I'm going to get this off the ground any time soon...

Anyways, with all this heat, my wife is thinking that we should consider looking into getting a boat instead of an RV. That way we have the water right there to jump into anytime we want. haha Wouldn't that be an interesting thing?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Help me out? Even a bit?

So, I have mentioned it in passing in the past, but I am trying to build my webhosting up so that I can finally bring in extra cash, and eventually replace my work for someone else career.

The biggest thing preventing us from properly fulltiming and living our lives is that my job requires me to be in a general location. We can not ever leave where we are as long as I work for someone else.

I started this project a couple years back, and it got put on hold as my daughter was born, and my money and time needed to go to more immediately important things.

Well, in the three weeks since my family and I moved to Nanaimo, I've been out with them spending time once. That was yesterday for Father's Day.

I don't want to do that again. I want to be there with my family. It is the one driving factor in my life that makes me truly happy.

A lot of people want to be able to spend more time with family, but few have the ability to properly act on it. I do.

My webhosting is focused on a niche', but it open to all. In order to fully complete, and launch the webhosting, I need to be able to finish purchasing the remaining domain names I need. Sorry, I can't say what they are. I don't want them bought out from under me, and then offered back to me at $2000 a pop like once before. I was once stupid enough to mention an idea and a domain name that worked which was available. Someone bought it for the $10 it was worth, and asked for $2000 for it. Needless to say, he could keep it.

I'm offering rewards through my GoFundMe page for anyone interested. There's also a simple $25 donation for no reward if so inclined. Heck, if anyone is so inclined, they don't even need to collect the rewards I have.

Have a look, share the page, and help a family man out if you can! Every little bit helps.

My GoFundMe page to change my life.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A look at the new countertops

So, we finally picked up the new countertops for the RV before we moved to BC, but they were first in a moving trailer, and then in storage until today. So here they are! I'm very excited for the new updated laminate to go in.

They are full pieces without holes, and get cut afterwards when the proper measurements can be completed and I'll use the old countertops as a template, however I'm thinking of changing out some things. I'm currently looking for a new sink and faucet for the bathroom, as well as a new sink for the kitchen. The kitchen isn't that big of a deal and could use the same one we currently have, but I'd really like to change the bathroom out. I honestly don't care much for how the thing is set up. It's really not laid out for full time living in the RV.

People can handle a weekend, or so with such an awkward positioning to the sink and faucet, but full time, I found myself using the kitchen sink to wash my hands instead.

This is the new kitchen counter, and the table matches the design as well. It's a laminate, but higher quality than the 36 year old stuff in there now. It's also far better looking in my opinion. This stuff wasn't cheap either. As it turns out, we chose the highest quality laminate, which is also why it took longer to get since it was a special order.

We also had the edges rounded better, and a bit of a larger lip on them. For the table, this means I'll need to potentially increase the height of the seats to make it stay flat when it's in the bed position. This is ideal for me anyways as sitting at the table to work was a pain. The current set up has the table higher up than the seat and my arms would start to ache from the weird lift I was doing. I was basically taking the cushion from the other seat and doubling up in order to make it more comfortable.

Since the seats only house the two fresh water tanks, there's really no need to get in there very often, so adding some custom height won't be a problem for us, nor any future owner.

The bathroom counter is a different design, as we wanted to change things up a bit with it being a separate room. It's darker, and more marbled than the kitchen. 

I'm considering some sort of bar sink, and potentially a gooseneck faucet so that it's possible to wash your hands without dumping the water all over the counter, as that is what currently happens. I looked for RV faucets when I happened to be in Fraserway RV a couple months ago, and the ones that are in stock for RV's are seriously cheap crappy plastic things that I wouldn't want anywhere near my RV.

Overall, I'm quite happy that I didn't get the counters before I left Alberta in March. If I had, these issues I have would have been made permanent into the new counters. After several months in the RV, I am able to see what works and what doesn't.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Settled into our S&B

It's been two weeks now since we moved into our rented S&B (Stick & Brick) and we're getting settled. I still have some things to grab from the storage unit, but we're almost fully moved in. 

Mylaela and I were talking about our plans the other day, and we think we may have something set up. It's just a matter of getting the budget in order, getting the debt's paid off, and saving at the same time.

I'm opening up an account with Tangerine, which is an online bank, similar to our Presidents Choice bank account. There's no fees, so we are already saving money that way. The good thing about these banks, is that we can create as many accounts as we like. So, I'll be creating a "rent" account, which will be able to still transfer money to and from without a wait time. This way, when we look at our bank account, we don't see that money, and there's no accidentally spending some of that money on other things, thus falling short on our rent.

Same goes for a "bills" account. Thankfully, the only bill we pay in this S&B is our internet/cable bill. The rest of the utilities are paid for in our rent.

The current plan (and I say "current" because Mylaela changes her mind often) is that we will be saving for our bunkhouse fifth wheel. 

I'm also still working on getting my web hosting up and running, but it's a slow process as I need to buy no less than 150 additional domain names before I can launch. This will prevent me getting screwed over by some jerk who decides to buy some before I can, just to sit on them, and demand $1000+ per domain name. Which would effectively kill my business plan. (No, I can't tell you the type of domain names I need to buy)

Slow and steady. That's the name of the game...

Sunday, May 31, 2015

So, we have a plan.

Previously, I mentioned that with the new baby boy coming soon (six weeks!) and the current RV being far too small for a family that we would be setting up shop in an actual stick and brick. not my favourite idea, and I'm a little defeated because of it, but logic and reason are that we do this.

We're renting a house in Nanaimo, BC for a year long lease, and thankfully, my wife's mother is offering $5000 towards rent which is $200 shy of four months rent now that she's sold the house in Calgary. I'm still hesitant until we actually see the money in our account as she like to change her mind a lot.

In that year, we're planning on aggressively saving so that we can put down a decent downpayment on a fifth wheel that will house our family.

My wife mentioned to me the other day that she had anxiety about the idea of even buying a house, knowing that both her and I don't like being stuck in one spot for a long time, and that buying a house would cement us to a specific location.

So, the new plan is to buy the fifth wheel we like, a bunkhouse model, and stay where ever the hell we feel like it. She's been sharing posts on Facebook about families doing the same, and living better than they did in their "American Dream" lifestyles with mountains of debt.

I'm excited about it as I really don't want to go back into an S&B.

We'll see how it all goes.

For the meantime, renovations on the RV will continue as I still want it to look awesome, and I REALLY want to get those new countertops in.

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