Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Uh Oh.... Can't find my ignition key

So I was scrolling Facebook, and someone posted a picture of the two keys that used to be used for vehicles back in the day. My RV being from the 70's, I have those. So, I was going to post a picture of them.

I look up and grab the keys to the RV, I have all of them on one keychain... except the door and ignition keys. They are missing. I have no idea where they could be. They were (stupidly) the only set I have, and I hadn't had a chance to get spares cut. This is bad. I have to get the RV out of storage in two weeks because I need it for some work I am doing on the mainland.

Anyone know how easy it is to replace the ignition? If I can't find the keys, I need to replace them.

And starting to panic....

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Beautiful Fifth Wheel, amusing video.

I like to look at what's out there occasionally, and watch videos on them to see the interior, and not just a floor plan.

I have not had a chance to bring the RV over yet, partially finances, but also the fact that I need it for the last two weeks of September on the mainland. One of my clients is a high security facility, and I cannot work remotely doing the work they require.

I can't wait until I can get the RV completed, and sell it then buy a nice new fifth wheel for the family. If you recall from this post, My wife and I had gone out and looked at RV's to see what would work for us as a family, and we fell in love with the 2015 Elkridge 37 ULTA by Heartland RV. It was outside of our price range at that time, and currently it's still outside the price range. That doesn't mean we can't dream, and plan.

My wife was mentioning that she saw the interior of the 2016 Elkridge, and it was amazing. I haven't found it just yet (I have only found a 2015 and a half), but I found the advertisement from Heartland about them. It's a good ad, but there is one spot that makes you stop and ask yourself if the guy actually just said that... Especially when 2015 seems to be the year that people are getting offended about absolutely everything.

Have a look below, can you catch what I'm talking about?

Personally, I don't care. I think the thought is that when it comes to interior design, women do better than men do. Yes, there are some great male interior designers out there, but honestly... There are sometimes that a woman's touch is better. Heck, the colour pallet in my RV was chosen by my wife.

At the end of September, I'll finally have the RV over here, and finally be able to start working on it. Looking forward to that. There's even some shops around town that deal with RV Solar that I can build up the electrical with when I get to that point. Looking forward to that for sure!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Approval from landlord to move RV

Had a chat via text with my landlord yesterday to make sure that he would be okay with me bringing the RV over, and thankfully he is.

I've also chatted with the neighbours downstairs to make sure they're okay with it and they are. Now it's just a matter of where I'll put the RV in order to complete my renovations. There's a spot that looks to be perfect in size on the side of the driveway, but the only issue is the slope. I think that in order to put the RV there, I'll need to build some higher level blocks. I need the RV relatively level in order to get everything taken care of, and while it is here being worked on, it's going to double as my office.

It's nearly impossible to work at home, not just because my daughter wants me to be with her playing every moment, but the adults in the house are struggling with the idea that someone can actually be at home, and still working. It makes it tough for sure.

I've paid up the storage until next month, and I'm hoping to get the RV over here perhaps this weekend. We'll see how the budget handles it, as getting across on the ferry is pricey for an RV, and then there's the whole needing to get there first.

The RV is stored a little over three hours transit ride away from the ferry (roughly a 45 minute drive), and I might have someone that can help with the driving, but he has a vehicle stored away as well, and that still means transit travel.

We'll see how the whole thing works out. I may just need to make an entire day out of getting there.

I'm pretty excited to get going on the reno's again. Those counters sitting here have been bugging me since they should be in the RV!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Renovations will continue soon

Currently, the RV is sitting in storage, and I am planning on bringing it over to the Island soon so that I can complete the renovations.

I need to complete the renos so that I can finally sell it, and buy a new fifth wheel to move my family into and move on with our lives.

Lots of insanity has happened that I just cannot talk about yet, but I'm excited to get going again on the RV.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Small update

It's been several weeks since my last post, and for that I do apologize!

We have moved into an S&B for now, and eventually, I seriously hope we get back out of here.

We welcomed our newest edition to our family on July 7th! We shall call him The Prince.

The Prince doesn't wake up like normAl babies where he works himself up to a freak out. He goes from zero to 150 in 0.000003 seconds. I nearly fell out of bed the first night he was home and in our room. Mylaela and The Prince have slept in the living room for a couple weeks because that is where our portable air conditioner is.

With the drought, and a minimum of 30C everyday, it's difficult to move very close from the A/C!

Our friend Robert, from the RV park on the mainland, has moved out to the park here on the Island, and I have been to visit a couple times.

After not only describing it to Mylaela, but showing her video, I am more adamant than ever to get out of this S&B.

This is the website of the park I am talking about, and here is the video:

So, this weekend, I'm bringing my RV out of storage, and over to the Island so I can complete it's renovations. Then I can finally list it and hopefully make enough to buy our fifth wheel.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Welcoming a new member to the family!

Our son has arrived!

The little prince was born July 7th, and is very healthy! He's certainly got a set of lungs on him too!

We were worried how Princess was going to react to a new baby, being that she's two.

Here's the results:

She's a protective, doting, loving big sister!

Monday, June 29, 2015

It is HOT.

With near record breaking temps this past week and a bit, it's been a heck of a thing trying to not burn up. I even have a few proof pics of the 36C/97F temps. Thankfully, we live near the ocean now! That water is cold for a moment, but its better than sweltering in this heat.

I got back to the RV late last night, around midnight, as I have some work to do in a clients office, and it was a muggy 25C/77F with still air. That makes it feel even hotter than it is.

Before I left, I put my daughter to bed, and told her I was going to be going to the mainland for a day, maybe two. She grabbed hold of me and said, "No. Stay." Talk about breaking my heart. She's only two, and doesn't understand why daddy has to go away for a couple days at a time. All she knows is that daddy is gone.

After I'm done my work tomorrow, I'll be heading back to the Island. Then coming back in a few days to put the RV in storage for a bit. My wife is going to be giving birth to our son any day now, and then I'll be spending more time at home for a little while.

I'm starting to wonder about this whole GoFundMe thing in order to launch my webhosting and start being the family man I want to be. What am I doing wrong in not being able to attract someone to help out a bit? I need to launch my site, and I can't until I complete the final phase. I've plastered it over Facebook, I don't exactly use Twitter, so that's pointless. I'm not sure how I'm going to get this off the ground any time soon...

Anyways, with all this heat, my wife is thinking that we should consider looking into getting a boat instead of an RV. That way we have the water right there to jump into anytime we want. haha Wouldn't that be an interesting thing?

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