Friday, April 22, 2016

Personalizing Princess' Loft

Well, painting Miss princess' loft is complete, and today, she and my wife added in the personalization!

Princess was very excited to finally be able to add her stickers. She's been asking for two days, and very unrelenting in it as well.

It started out with just the newly dried walls. The purple and silver really work great together, we think. 
Princess got to work right away on getting the stickers added to her walls. There are two different sets here. One is flowers and butterflies, and the other space objects. Stars, planets, and the like. It's glow in the dark, so that should keep her amused since she loves looking up at the stars already. 


We have nine days left until launch! Everything is nearly packed into the RV, and all that's really left to do is put the rest of the house into storage, and then move our clothes, and Princess' bed into the loft. Then we are off!

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