Thursday, April 30, 2015

Oh, I have been so darn busy

Hey all,

I apologize for the posts being so few and far in between this past month. One of my clients had major network melt-downs in Mexico, and most of my waking time has been spent on trying to repair the network, the rest on trying to locate a home for my family.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Just a rant, feel free to skip over this post

I'm just ranting in this post. This blog is about my life, and times in an RV, and everything that comes with it. Sometimes, I need to vent.

This past couple weeks have been incredibly stressful for me. I have the typical stress of work, compounded by an issue with a client that has taken over a week to get results, and I've been spending nearly 12 hours a day trying to resolve for the past week, coupled with trying to find a home for my family.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Not too much to report

It's been quiet here for a bit, mostly because I have been so busy with an issue affecting a clients site in Mexico. I even worked for 12 hours yesterday on what should be my day off trying to get the site back online. It's been rough!

On Friday, I sanded and painted my furnace cover and the A/C hood. I found a dark grey, and I think it works well as an accent.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The house sold in Calgary

When I first embarked on this journey to BC without my family, the plan was that my wife and child would be in Calgary until perhaps end of June, or July. During which time, I would be able to get finances figured out, save money and find a place for us here.

My mother in-laws house recently sold, and the move date is now May 29th. So I now have a month and a half to get things settled. With the costs of paying bills in both places, I haven't been able to save anything yet, so now I'm stressed out a bit. I need to come up with at least $3000 in a month and a half. This would be very easy if I wasn't paying so many bills. Then there is the matter of locating suitable housing in Vancouver. The cost of living is very high here, and housing is incredibly high. Average price for a 3 bedroom home is around 1700-2000 per month.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

90% complete on painting

I cannot believe what a difference a little painting does!

This past weekend was a four day weekend due to Easter, and I was able to focus on painting. I lost track of time and was painting until about 1am, but the results are certainly worth it. I got to work on the most disruptive part of the job which was the kitchen and dining room wall.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Safely running 30amp power now

When I first looked at this RV before buying it, I thought it was a little weird that it had a 15amp connection on it. The previous owner said that it was like that when he got it and everything always worked. They just didn't run too many appliances at once.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Painting continues

I've been hard at work this weekend with prepping the RV walls. I'm going over everything with wood putty, covering holes and gouges, removing hardware and doors, and sanding. 37 years of use really takes its toll on an RV's interior. The good thing about a wood finish is that many of those holes are mostly hidden, unless you know where to look.

With the paint I am using, these holes show up more readily, and need to be looked after right away. I found when I painted the entrance of the RV, that there were several staple holes i had missed, and now they're quite apparent. I'm going to need to go back over them, and touch up the paint in that area. It has made sure that I pay closer attention on the rest of the RV.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Podcast Interview

A friend of mine has a son that is very introverted. They created a podcast, where his son interviews people and slowly gets better at social interaction. The podcast occurs every two weeks, and this last podcast, I was fortunate enough to be interviewed. This not only helped my friends son, but allowed my friend to learn even more about me than he previously knew.

He has a long way to go, but he;'s making steps as a teenager that many adults are still incapable of doing.

Have a listen, and feel free to send words of encouragement to this young man!

Painting the RV

I was able to head out and pick up some materials for painting the other day, and I am painting in sections now. I bought CIL's "City Song" paint. My lovely wife picked out the colour as being a guy, I'm a lot like Windows 3.1. I only see in 16 colours. haha

This paint is grey with a purple tint to it. Depending on the lighting, it can look more blue-grey. First, I'm painting everything this one colour, so it's going to look rather boring and bland. Once it's all dry, and the entire RV is painted inside, I can pick up the accent tone, which we're currently thinking about using CIL's "Cliffside" which is a darker grey.