Sunday, August 3, 2014

Today's outing

Today, the wife, Princess, and I went out to look at some RV's. Minion was dropped off to head out to his cadet camp. We first went to the RV lot in Balzac to look at the RV I previously mentioned. It's great!

The size is quite nice, and we think that we could do quite well with the trailer for a few years.

The price is not bad either, basically $400 a month as a "mortgage" over five years. Even after looking at a couple other options.

While this wasn't an option, just look at the livingroom on this fifth wheel!

The one I fell in love with is something we would have to upgrade to at a later date.
It's a 2015 Elkridge 37ULTRA. At a cost of $59,995. As it is a fifth wheel, we won't be considering it just yet. We would have to get a truck, and even with a crew cab, we wouldn't have room for the kids and dogs to travel.

This thing had everything, large master bedroom, huge bunkhouse with both bunks sliding out creating a ridiculous amount of space. Two bathrooms, and a massive kitchen and livingroom area. Great outdoor kitchen, and lots of underground storage. I really want this one, but alas, it's not in the cards just yet.

Here it is:

One day we'll have something that awesome. However, we are thinking that either the Rockwood Signature, or the 2014 Springdale 303BHSS (which I didn't get any pictures of sadly).

The wife is certainly excited about this! In fact, we got home, and started going through the "stuff" we have in our garage and we're taking pictures of it to start selling the crap we no longer need, nor miss. We have a year before we start our new journey full, but we're beginning the thinning out process now so that it's not a stressful thing later.

Until next time!

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